Seymour Institute
​Mobilizing the Black Church for Policy Initiatives

Black Church and Law Enforcement Leadership Summit
Aug. 18-19, 2016
West Angeles Church of God in Christ, Los Angeles

We will be taking part in a meeting with municipal, state and federal law enforcement officials from key cities across the country to discuss how we can change the tone and substance of the conversation on race and law enforcement in light of recent incidents of violence that have created a dangerous moral and political emergency in the United States. As a part of that goal, the Seymour Institute will present findings that will help define the role the black church must play in reframing the discourse around race and law enforcement.

Signature Campaign for Black Church Letter in Defense of Religious Freedom
Location TBD

The Seymour Institute will host a three-day seminar for black religious leaders from around the country. Key among our goals is to continue building support as the Signature Campaign moves into large scale electronic collection. To accomplish this the seminar will focus on presenting and refining a frame for the defense of religious freedom that repudiates the attempt to equate it with discrimination.

Pan-Caribbean Seymour/Vita Institute
May 2017
Location TBD

The Pan-Caribbean Seymour-Vita Institute consists of one and a half days of instruction in the fundamentals of life issues with our world-renowned scholars in biology, philosophy, theology, and law. No prior knowledge of these disciplines is assumed or required; sessions are aimed at enthusiastic pro-life advocates seeking to hone their skill and enhance their knowledge to better protect the Culture of Life in the Caribbean islands. In addition to intellectual formation, participation in the Institute will connect you with a community of like-minded champions for the most vulnerable members of our society.