Seymour Institute
​Mobilizing the Black Church for Policy Initiatives

Leadership Summit on Religious Freedom:​​ 

The seminar explores the philosophical and historical foundations of religious liberty in the US with particular emphasis on the black church. Attention is paid to the black church’s call to emphasize the indivisibility of the principle of religious liberty and an uncompromising commitment to Christian teaching regarding the poor.

​​​​​​​​​Christian Pan-African Leadership Summit on Marriage & Life

(Under Development): 

A meeting of black American and African Christians in Africa to continue building the international momentum for the proper understanding of marriage and respect for human life at all stages of development.


​​​U.S. Black Church-Roman Catholic Dialogue: ​ ​​​​

Marking the Anniversary of Moynihan Report. Seventy percent of black children are born out of wedlock and marriage is declining among blacks. Similar trends have developed among the poor of all races. Black and Roman Catholic church leaders will meet to craft and advocate for a policy agenda to address this crisis.

​​Humanum Colloquium: ​ 
An international, inter-faith colloquium convened in Vatican City in November 2014 to affirm faith-based understandings of marriage and the complementarity of male and female.


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