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The Equality Act

The Equality Act

Statement by The Seymour Institute

Violence in Charlottesville

Violence in Charlottesville

Statement by The Seymour Institute for Black Church and Policy Studies

Religious Freedom

Religious Freedom

Statement by COGIC Presiding Bishop Charles E. Blake

Defending the Black Poor

Defending the Black Poor

Statement Opposing Assisted Suicide by Dr. Jacqueline C. Rivers


Lessons from the Civil Rights Movement for this Election Day and Beyond

A Religion Unplugged

Article by Eugene F. Rivers, III and David L. Tubbs

October 29, 2020


Black Lives Matter and the Church

A Plough Interview with Eugene F. Rivers, III and Jacqueline C. Rivers

This article is responding to the killing of George Floyd and the international movement it has sparked.

Pro-Life Work in Jamaica

"I would prefer to die than the future of our country be eliminated and be killed. I really prefer that and people need to know that is how serious it is,"


- Father Richard Holung,

Catholic Priest in Jamaica

Another Religious Test

in the Senate

by Eugene F. Rivers, III

(Published in the Wall Street Journal on Jan. 3, 2019)

"People often assumed that prejudice against Catholic politicians ended with the election of John F. Kennedy. Yet anti-Catholic bigotry is still with us."

Faith Leaders respond to Pittsburgh Shooting

by Jacqueline C. Rivers

(Published in The Stream on Oct. 30, 2018)

“The culture has become so vicious, angry and venomous. Dr. King would have abhorred that, on the right and on the left.”

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"As blacks, we have to make pragmatic decisions every day. We support a policy that protects the poor. I am against abortion, but I have no problem with those who are not."

Trump's Christian right wing is cracking |


An Interview with Eugene F. Rivers, III  |  October 30, 2020

A Christian's Response - JR's

A Christian Response in the Face of Injustice |

Religion Unplugged

An Article by Jacqueline C. Rivers  |  June 12, 2020


MLK's Example Holds the Answers to both Racism and Political Violence

TIME Magazine Article

by Eugene F. Rivers, III

and Carl A. Anderson


Powers and Principalities: King and the Holy Spirit

The Plough article

by Eugene F. Rivers, III

chicago tribune JR article image.jpg

How housing for pastors helps African-American communities

The Chicago Tribune article

by Jacqueline C. Rivers

Stream image.jpg

Diverse Christian Leaders Clash on Election Results, Strive for Common Ground

The Stream article

by Josh Shepherd, with commentary from Jacqueline C. Rivers


How Religious Conservatives Are Grappling with Racism

The Stream article

by Josh Shepherd, with commentary from Jacqueline C. Rivers


Mormon leader tells Black Leadership Summit that religious liberty means 'fairness for all'

Deseret News article

by Scott Taylor


The Idol of White Supremacy

The Sojourners article

by Eugene F. Rivers

March/April 1997


Massachusetts citizens clash over extreme bill that removes abortion survivor protections article

by Laura Nicole


When ‘Black Lives Matter’ Is Invoked in the Abortion Debate

The New York Times article

by John Eligon

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Pentecostal-charismatic leaders denounce religious persecution of Judge Barrett | October 6, 2020


Research Group on Post-Secular Conception of Science


MLK Scholastic Camp


iConnect Online Summer Learning July-August 2020