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Summer Seminar 2017 

​​​A Conversation on Community, Counterculture, and Christianity’s Future in the West.​​​ 

​​Rev. Eugene F. Rivers, 3d, is joined by his wife, Dr. Jacqueline C. Rivers, to read an affirmation on marriage at the Humanum Conference in Rome.



READ Inspiring Statement On Religious Freedom From The Presiding Bishop Of The Church Of God In Christ, Charles E. Blake


Past Events 


An Affirmation on Marriage 

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​​​Dr. Rivers addressing the assembly, including Pope Francis, at the 2014 Humanum Conference in Rome.​  



​Is It Time for ​​the Benedict Option?

Full Address | Humanum Colloquium 

Jacqueline C. Rivers speaks on a panel with Rick Warren, Gerhard Cardinal Müller and others at the book launch for Not Just Good, but Beautiful.

National Museum of American Jewish History | Philadelphia, PA 

SEPTEMBER 24, 2015 

​​Interfaith Discussion on the 

Differences Between Man & Woman